Engineering & R-D

Design and Manufacturing Machine

“There is no production that cannot be done in Turkey” Requests from our customers with the principle of and based on the requests by our company in order to machine design and manufacturing is carried out.Also equipment / prior to the production of machine equipment/ t he placement of the machines to the customer's factory site is maintained by proper design program.The design of the machine and machine tools and manufacturing stages with manufacturing technologies CAD,CAM and CNC systems are widely used.

Machinery / Facility Installation

According to customers' requests we offer turnkey installation services. In facilities that will be installed; our priority is to determine the safety and quality of work. The machines we produce/facility guaranteed and high performance is delivered to our customers in a way completed tests. during installation business specialist engineers and our workers with to serve our customers continuously.

Machinery / Receiving Facility Assets Supervision and Services

Our engineers, before installation and later; education test work with plant operators,we produce machine and equipments as well commissioning both actively instantly go into production start-up It offers services.

Maintenance and Repair Services

The plant commissioned according to customer requirements annual maintenance and spare parts ıt is provided by our company.

Ürünler / Produtcts